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Make Beats On Your Computer

Make Beats On Your Computer

You can now get a professional beat studio right on your PC because of computer technology.

Okay, so up until now you have had to either puff, blow or spit into a mic or just into the air to create the beats that you hear in your head. If you wanted to rap or sing to that beat then you had to pause the beat during the signing and rapping leaving your audience's imagination to fill in the beat for you.

Not a very effective way to have a music career. Well guess what, now you can produce beats right on your personal computer as easy as you can tap the keyboard. All of this is thanks to computer software that will store individual beat audio samples and than allow you to to arrange them for playback.

Your Own Sound Studio

The better the recoding of the beat sounds you use the better your beat will sound. There are even beat makers that will burn your beat track to CD so you can play them anywhere.

These beat makers have gotten cheaper and cheaper as the technology advances so we are not talking even a hundred dollars to get started with a top-notch beat maker.

What To Look For In A Beat Maker

If you are just going to play around with making beats and have no intention of going public with them then there are plenty of freebie beat makers on the internet. The king of these is orDrumbox.

Inexpensive Not Cheap

If you are going to buy beat making software use the following guidelines to make sure you get what you want.

Sound Quality: Make sure any beat maker you are considering works only with 44.1 kHz, 16 bit, stereo sound samples. Some beat makers come with cheesy 8 bit samples that sound like a tin monkey beating on a toy drum.

Then make sure that your final beat is rendered in 44.1 kHz, 16 bit, stereo .wav file. No mp3's because serious beat producers will not even consider them.

Ease Of Use

Next, make sure that the beat maker is easy to use. Some beat making software can make great sounding beats, but you need a degree from Full Sail University to run them. Your first beat maker should allow you to produce a beat within an hour after downloading it.

The last thing you should check out is the tutorials that come with the beat making software. It should be in video format so that you can easily watch and learn.

You no longer need to spit and puff to get your beat and, in fact, you don't have to any more. Modern technology now allows you to create sick beats in less than an hour using your PC that will bring tears to you eyes when you hear them. And if you thinking that is great, just wait until your friends hear them

make beats on your computer

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