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Dubturbo 2.0 Free Download Software

Dubturbo 2.0 Free Download Software

Sometimes, a musician finds himself out on the town at night, and hears a sick beat from a DJ in a club. The beat plays in his head constantly for days on end, but he doesn't know how to write down what he has heard. Fortunately, Dubturbo gives musicians the tools to transcribe those beats, using a sequencer, a drum editor, and a four-octave keyboard. After just a short introductory video, amateur musicians will lay down tracks that make them sound like professionals.

Dubturbo software provides musicians with flexible sound and drum kit options. The program produces studio-quality sound, with melodies and rhythms added by the keyboard. Because the website constantly updates the software with new beats, the selection is always fresh. Other software programs use . Mp3 files for their samples, which means that musicians are getting second-generation samples for their beats. Dubturbo, on the other hand, provides sounds in . Wav format, which musicians can then change to . Mp3 format for customers and DJs.

Burning compositions to a CD is simple. In fact, the entire program interface is geared toward beginners, even though the sound is appropriate for professionals. Musicians can add sound effects and change track speeds, while creating unique drum beats and original melodies. From the instant they download the program, amateurs will create soundscapes of a professional quality.

The sequencer is the first step in the creative process. The sequencer offers sixteen tracks of stereo sound, allowing composers to choose between thousands of different drums and effects. Composers may manually alter volume, draw in bars, edit tempo, and drag and drop bars. Or, composers can simply type in beats with a metronome ticker, allowing the software to translate them into written bars.

The drum editor is the next step after the sequencer. The program masters drum sounds to ensure clear, studio-appropriate quality. Musicians will explore a huge palette of sounds, by creating beats from more than forty ten-piece drum kits. If musicians choose to focus solely on the drum track, they may export just the track, instead of having to export the entire piece.

A four-octave keyboard allows composers to create both samples and melodies. Composers may choose from multiple instruments, and may adjust the volume of each instrument to achieve the desired sound combination. The keyboard allows composers to add special effects and polished touches to their pieces, and allows them to erase notes, as needed, with a simple click.

Dubturbo retails for a reasonable rate, and comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Macs and PCs alike can use the program, and the website offers composers the chance to sell their finished products to other members. Tutorials, broken down into easy steps, teach beginners how to use the software, as well as how to chop amazing beats with a distinctly urban flavor.

Few software programs offer as much as Dubturbo, for such a low price. In addition to exploring the program's layers of sounds, musicians have the unlimited capacity to import any sound that they wish. By promoting creations online, that were created with the software's soundscape tools, amateur musicians will climb the ladder toward professionalism.

dubturbo 2.0 free download software

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