Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Make Beats Online And Record

Make Beats Online And Record

Rapping Beats To a lot of people trying to become a rapper or singer, getting a record deal with a major label is the ultimate goal. In this Rap Beats and Instrumentals support article I’ll give you truth about record deals in today’s music business and the best way to get one. This article is part of a series on how to become a successful Rapper or Singer. You can view all the articles in this series on the author’s page.Major Labels – for a long time they were the biggest gate keepers in the music business. All you needed as a rapper or singer was talent – the label would do the rest and you’d blow up like superstar. If you were lucky enough to get a record deal, you were on the road to riches and fame. But is getting a major label record deal really the best way to go about your music career of today? The answer will surprise you. Q: I got a hot rapping beat or R&B instrumental and made a HIT song/album! How do I get a record deal with a major label?A: This is a very commonly asked question with music artists. Most rappers and singers think that if they make some music and put it online some major label A&R will find it, sign them and take their career to the next level. All they need is the right person to hear it once and they’ll “get paid and blow up like the world trade.” But this couldn’t be farther from the truth. If getting a major label record deal was hard back in the day then it’s probably 1000 times harder now. With the Internet, MP3s and falling album sales, major label budgets are shrinking. They aren’t spending a lot of money and aren’t willing to take risks on new projects. They want to spend their money on tried and true hits and hit makers. And if you are a lucky one and do land a major record deal, don’t expect the label to help you out with much. All they will do is give you a bunch of cash and make you do all the work yourself anyways! This is bad news for you as an up-and-coming rapper or R&B singer without a serious track record, because you’ll put in all the work and they’ll take all the money.So what does an artist do? They GRIND! The 21st century music industry is all about the independent artist and doing it yourself. All the tools and resources you need are available to you online to create a VERY successful music career as a rapper, singer, poet, author or any other type of creative artist. Plan your album: Buy your rapping beats and R&B instrumentals online (soundclick beats are fine!); Get a CD of your music produced, recorded, mixed and mastered; manufacture it; get some distribution; promote your music directly to potential fans, radio stations and music magazines; tour and play lots of shows; sell your cds and build your fanbase! This is THE ONLY way to succeed in today’s music business. The game has changed and you need to change with it. This article series is a good place to start! You’re already ahead of thousands of rappers and singers who don’t think about or know this stuff. If you can get 1000 true fans who support you and love your music (1000 is NOT a big number when you look at all the people in the world) you won’t even need a record deal to live off your music career!And if you really really want a record deal at the end of the day – this is STILL the best way to go about it. Doing it yourself PROVES that your product (your mixed and mastered songs – vocals and rapping beats or R&B instrumentals) is worth investing in. If you have a proven track record and you’ve handled your own music career with some success you are more likely to get a major deal. There’s nothing sexier to a major record label than a successful artist who doesn’t need them – and that’s when YOU can control the terms of your deal. You won’t have to give up all your money to the label, and you’ll still get their support! GRIND IT OUT WITH HARD WORK – and things will happen for you! Hope this helps!Holla @ ur boy!DatPakiProducer/SongwriterPBE Music

make beats online and record

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